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Denis Levatić - Umag, Croatia - Raccomandazioni: 6 | Feedback: 16 |

VENDO | Zeiss | Carl Zeiss S-PL 10x/20 serial number 44 40 39 (01)

​For sale in like newo condition both optically and mechanically fantastic Carl Zeiss S-PL 10x/20 serial number 44 40 39 (01) eyepiece. This item have wider eye lens, wider FOV, and its better optically than normal older S-PL 10x/20 44 40 39 model! It provide super sharp stars on extreme edges even on f/4.5 telescopes, without need any Paracorr etc! Contrast and sharpness are SUPERB, and way better than any Ortho and wide angle eyepieces. Focal lenght: 25mm Eye releaf: 20mm Adapted to 1.25" format using wide, strong electric isolating tape, so original shape is preserved anytime if you want use original 30mm barell size! That item is VERY RARE, and long time discontinued, and in time of production, his cost was over 1000 (one thousand) Euros. My price is 240 Euros only with included shipping anywhere worldwide. Kind regards and all best Clear Skies Denis, binoviewers expert
Prezzo: 240.00 €

29 Ottobre 2023
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Denis Levatić - Umag, Croatia - Raccomandazioni: 6 | Feedback: 16 |

VENDO | ​Premium Quality Apochromatic & Sharpest Signature Series binoviewer!

Premium Quality Apochromatic & Sharpest Signature Series binoviewer! Be aware: that Premium binoviewer modification is VERY SPECIAL in many ways: 1. custom made adapters made from highest quality, very expensive, CNC precisely machined aluminium 2. no cheap parts 3. no mass produced parts so DONT compare that modification vs any simillar and cheaper modifications you can find elsewhere! This is PREMIUM QUALITY INSTRUMENT because: 1. expensive adaptation 2. overall making process care knowledge 3. many years of super demanding and perfectionist binoviewers making experience 4. mechanical quality 5. optical performance Suitable for super demanding observers! Fantastic thing is (between many others), this binoviewer is ONLY binoviewer on market, where you as user can easily, and FAST replace/switch eyepiece holders anytime you want (in case you want or need do that, simply unscrew installed ones, and crew on new ones), with any other T2 eyepiece holders you want (and there are MANY options available on market), and thats cheapest invesment from whole binoviewer setup! Latest version have: 1. interior improvements 2. changed laser engraved text on front and back sides Laser engraved: 1. metal middle plate text with my signature on it 2. text on back metal side of binoviewer 3. my signature on back 1.25" metal screwable cover adapter (CNC machined, expensive, highest quality aluminium, and not cheap plastic cap like on other units elsewhere) Available equipped with (specifie setup you want): 1. Baader Ultrashort eyepiece holders (1272 Euro) - AVAILABLE 2. Baader Helical eyepiece holders (1298 Euro) - AVAILABLE 3. Baader ClickLock eyepiece holders (1369 Euro) - AVAILABLE FREE tracked shipping anywhere worldwide. Condition: NEW! NO vignetting in any 1.25" eyepeices - TESTED! APO SS binoviewer advantages over ANY other binoviewer on market, based on many worldwide users testing reports, including many detailed and demanding comparations and tests I did: 1. sharper views 2. better contrast 3. less light scatter 4. easier snap to focus 5. no spherical abberation 6. no annoying polarisation 7. darker and cleaner sky background 8. finer details/structures are detectable 9. no annoying internal reflections, no glare, no ghosting 10. no annoying false colours even without glasspathcorrector, even using any short focal lenght eyepieces, and at any magnification 11. lighter 12. better, stronger, smoother working mechanics 13. wider IPD adjustment range, so even many kids can observe with it Collimation is setted on 100%, and if needed to adjust it anytime, can be done very easily by END USER (collimation instructions included with purchase). Specifications: -highest quality all metal binobody -1 air-to-glass surface less than common binoviewers -highest quality scratch proof mirrors -highest quality scratch proof beamsplitter -T2 male threads on front side when eyepiece holders are unscrewed/removed - replaceable/compatibile with any T2 female eyepiece holders/adapters/accessories - multi universal T2 system -T2 female attachment on back side -IPD: 47mm - 77.5mm -light path: Ultrashort 11.4cm, Helical 12.3cm, RSCS 12.5cm, ClickLock 12.6cm -weight: Ultrashort 482g, Helical 488g, RSCS 506g, ClickLock 526g Included in setup: -1x Premium Quality Apochromatic & Sharpest Signature Series binoviewer -1x Geoptik waterproof and shockproof transport case -2x T2 eyepiece holders by your choice -1x T2 female back attachment - allow binoviewer rotation and locking in desirable position -1x T2 male to 1.25" adapter (CNC machined, highest quality aluminium) with NO annoying undercut, with filter thread on back side - front side compatibile with Baader Glass Path Correctors -2x 1.25" front plastic dust caps -1x 1.25" screwable, highest quality CNC machined aluminium back dust cap, with my signature engraved on it Included lifetime support and paperworks: Binoviewers Certificate + Collimation Instructions - all Signed by me. Payment methods accepted: Cash on hands, Cryptocurrency (stablecoins BUSD, USDT, USDC), Bitcoin, Ethereum, PayPal, Bank transfer. Kind regards and all best Clear Skies Denis, binoviewers expert
Prezzo: 1272.00 €

15 Settembre 2023
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